It is a farm and an attraction at 8500 Penzance in Fort Myers where the fourth generation of family farmers have turned their land into destination. There is a farmer’s Market with only Florida grown produce (except the pineapples), local eggs, Honey, and jams open every day but Monday. The playground offers an outlet for the kids while the whole family can enjoy tours of the active farm. Rows of hydroponic planters filled with fresh greens, tomatoes and herbs supply the market and in-ground vegetables from corn to eggplant to zucchini line the landscape. The tilapia farm will provide fresh, sustainable fish grown on site, and on the back 40 you’ll find adorable goats and a gentle calf named Junior nosing around the petting area looking for handfuls of grass. The extra-friendly goat named Molly has a little issue with getting her horns stuck in the fencing, so there’s a stick taped on there to make it harder for her to get herself trapped.

It is a beautiful place to visit and a convenient way to spend your produce dollars locally instead of at a supermarket chain. The benefit to you: fresher and more flavorful ingredients. Not to mention supporting our local producers.

Open from 9-5 Tuesday thru Sunday.

8500 Penzance Fort Myers